Biedermann Hoenig Semprevivo

Life Sciences
Our Life Science practice is grounded in our proficiency and experience with the uniquely complex legal issues that arise in the ever-expanding world of life sciences.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide efficacious legal services from the inception of an idea through any and all legal issues that may emerge. Our team of lawyers, including attorneys with backgrounds in biological, chemical, and computer sciences, are uniquely qualified to defend and represent our clients in a myriad of legal contexts, with a primary focus on direct defense, monitoring, and coverage disputes. Whereas historically our Life Science practice focused on pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, medical research, and similarly situated industries, our practice has expanded to include a vast array of new and innovative technologies and disciplines in recent years.

We provide strategic consultation with respect to compliance and regulatory hurdles associated with the development and commercialization of innovative medical products and services, as well as the strategic alliances required to foster successful growth and market share. It is with our legal experience and scientific knowledge that we assist our clients in achieving their goals through novel solutions to even the most complex problems.

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